El Nino Drought and Lake Tahoe

By Brian McGeever in Blog.

Over the last year the news has been constantly reminding us of the lack of weather and the effects it has has on the areas across the US and in particular California.  For us here in Tahoe, it not only has put us on a permanent high fire danger but just looking out at the lake and seeing how low the levels are is a daily reminder of the drought we are currently in.


Good news is El Nino is here and looks like we will make up for the lack of weather over the last two years.  We have already seen a number of early season storms bring significant moisture to the area and it’s not even Thanksgiving.  Typically Ski Resorts try to open by Thanksgiving and this year they opened weeks earlier than past seasons.  Everything I have read leads to January being really when we will start seeing the positive effects on El Nino.

Here is a great article on El Nino and predictions and will it really make up lost ground.