JetBlue Reno to New York

By Brian McGeever in Blog.

In the last year JetBlue announced they were adding to their destinations a direct flight from Reno to New York (JFK).  This was a huge deal now opening up the New York market to come to Tahoe whether to ski or soak in the sun.  I personally have already had one buyer from New York purchase a home here in Tahoe because of the direct flight.



Last week I was excited to experience what others have and booked a trip to New York.  There is only one option each way for flight times, so you have to be flexible with your plans.  Leaving Reno at 11:58pm you arrive (if on time) in New York around 8:10am.  The flight I had was full so I will admit the sleeping was tough but it was great to land in New York and have the entire day to be a tourist.  The return flight has you leave New York at 7:30pm and arrive Reno around 11:00pm.  For me this is the ultimate time as you still have almost an entire day to tour around New York before heading to the airport.  With individual TV screens and over 20 channels to chose from the 5+ hour flight went by quickly.

Hopefully this will be the start to more direct flights from Reno to the East Coast!

Blog by Tracy Voelker