Lake Tahoe Real Estate: Winter time

By Brian McGeever in Blog.

Winter is here and ski resorts have more runs open than in the last two years combined.  Mother nature has been kind to us so far with early winter snow and cold temperatures for Resorts to compliment with man made snow where needed.  As we know here in the Sierra’s we are plagued with the possibility of warmer temperatures as some of these storms pass through, like yesterday.  At this point we are happy for any moisture but hopefully moving forward the future storms will be colder and will continue to bring us lots of snow.


Sierra Sun Article on Recent Storms

On the flip side, when the weather isn’t as favorable we find those who are in town turn to looking at real estate.  Winter is always an interesting time to show clients homes since the ground is covered with snow and you really don’t know what the yard looks like.  A great trick I learned years ago was to point out to clients as you drive down the neighborhood streets which side of the street has less snow due to sun exposure.  It’s something that people don’t think about but can play a huge roll in  snow removal and snow damage on your roof/home.

With real estate staying strong heading into the New Year it will be interesting to see if the momentum continues or if clients will focus on the skiing and wait till spring to look at real estate.