Lake Tahoe Real Estate

By Brian McGeever in Blog.

In the recent news that Hugh Hefner has put the Playboy mansion on the market with some interesting terms I am sure turned a few heads.  In working with sellers in listing their home, at times, there can be some terms that they require or else they will not sell their home.  Typically in Lake Tahoe Real Estate those terms could be certain pieces of furniture that are excluded from the sale, a certain Title company that they like to work with, specific closing date, etc…. I can’t say that I have seen a term where the owner requires that he/she stay in the home until death but if you are Hugh Hefner the sky’s the limit.


Not only at a $200 Million price tag but with a built in roommate for an unknown period of time can make things interesting.  It would be fun to have dinners at night and hear stories of years past in the mansion, as they say if the walls could talk.

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