Lake Tahoe/Truckee Real Estate the Future

By Brian McGeever in Blog.

If you’ve been coming to Tahoe over the years not much has changed in the landscape of the residential areas.  Sure some homes have been either been torn down and rebuilt or remodeled inside and out.  Vacant land now has a home built on it or for some land it is just that vacant.

Nothing happens over night in Tahoe in regards to proposed housing/commercial development as these can take many many years to come to fruition.   I remember back in 2007 going to public meetings for the Boulder Bay project in Crystal Bay (Biltmore site) and they are now in 2015/2016 moving forward.

Moonshine Ink had a recent article explaining what is in the plans, where  and what that means to the Tahoe/Truckee Real Estate Market and North Tahoe tourism.


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