Luxury Real Estate Trends Lake Tahoe

By Brian McGeever in Blog.

One of my favorite recycle trends in the luxury home building/remodeling world is the use of Pickle Wood. Not only the recycle part but to me it gives off so much personality whether it is being used for outdoor siding, indoor flooring and or as an accent wall. Who knew that once ago wood vats used to make pickles could in the future be used to build and or decorate a home. If you happen to tour a luxury home in Lake Tahoe with pickle wood feel free to go up and smell the wood, for some there is still a hint of pickle aroma.

In case you were curious below is a brief look into the history of pickles.

pickle barrels

Pickle History

The history of pickles stretches so far back into antiquity that no definite time has been established for their origin, but it is estimated to be over 4,000 years ago.

In 2,030 B.C., cucumbers native to India were brought into the Tigris Valley. There, they were first preserved and eaten as pickles.

Pickles are mentioned at least twice in the Bible (Numbers 11:5 and Isaiah 1:8), and history records their usage over 3,000 years ago in Western Asia, ancient Egypt, and Greece.

George Washington had a collection of 476 different kinds of pickles. In 850 BC Aristotle praised the healing benefits of the pickle.  It is said Roman emperors, among them Julius Caeser, fed pickles to his troops in the belief that they lent physical and spiritual strength.  Ancient Sources not only refer to the nutritional benefits of pickles, but claim that they have long been considered a beauty aid, as Cleopatra attributed her good looks to a hearty diet of pickles.

Time to eat more pickles!!

pickle floor

pickle siding