Tips for Selling your Lake Tahoe Property

By Brian McGeever in Blog.

Thinking of Selling Property In Lake Tahoe?

Spring is in the air, or at least it feels like it even with the recent storms. Seeing how most people have moved on from the ski season we could see properties coming on the market sooner than the Memorial Day Weekend rush. We have already seen a number of Lakefronts go under contract since the first of the year.

If you are thinking of selling here are some suggestions to help make your home sell faster:

  • Listen to what you realtor suggests. You may not always agree with them but remember you hired them because of their knowledge and expertise.
  • When interviewing agents, talk to at least two unless you already know whom you want to hire.
  • The crystal ball question is always what price to set the home at. Depending on your situation really listen to your agent and understand the comps and where the market is at. Often times what you think your home is worth and will sell for is different than what the market is dictating.
  • First impressions when buyers walk through your home are often what distinguishes a 2nd Go outside and walk through your door and pretend you are interested in buying the home. As you walk through decide what you need to change, de-clutter or organize.
  • In Tahoe a lot of the homes that come on the market are not the owner’s primary residence. Regardless always be flexible on showings, the one time that an agent wants to show your home and you are busy could be the buyer that write’s the best offer. You never know so always have your home ready to show.
  • One of the many questions that get asked is what should we upgrade to help the house sell faster and for the most money. Depending on the house, owner’s don’t always have to do anything as the house will sell the same with or without the upgrades. There are many buyers that really want to remodel and put their own stamp on the home and can be a benefit for the seller not to remodel.